Making light work for you

The Healthwerx Approach

At the core of our holistic approach is the notion of a human centric integrated lighting system as defined by four distinct strategies:

• Lighting for healing 
• Lighting for psychological comfort
• Circadian optimization
• Staff performance 

This approach promotes eight concepts featuring the best attributes for healthcare lighting design with modern architectural esthetics. Healthwerx is based on thorough research, the championing of specifier expertise, and consultation with numerous healthcare professionals.

The benefits of an integrated lighting system can significantly impact the well-being of healthcare patients, staff, visitors, and volunteers. 

Lighting for Healing

Healthwerx integrates the lastest tecnological advancements that support human centric lighting, which can be addressed in three main categories:

1. Patient Psychological Comfort 
2. Biological Benefits for Patients
3. Staff Performance

To enable human centric lighting we offer Chromawerx, our dim to warm or tunable white solutions, or spectrally tuned LEDs available with Bios or Full Spectrum technology. The Healthwerx portfolio enables lighting for healing.

Patient benefits:

• Psychological ease 
• Better sleep quality
• Increased satisfaction in overall experience
• Shorter stays in hospital 
• Sense of allowing the daylight inside
• Reduced need for pain medication

The positive effects

  • More accurate and concise diagnoses
  • More precision-performing tasks
  • Reduced eyestrain and headaches
  • Establishment of circadian strategies to assist in acclimatizing to shift work
  • Efficient work environment 
  • Fewer patient wake-ups

Lighting for Staff Performance

As we move through health spaces, it is of the utmost importance to understand exactly what each healthcare team member needs to make their work easier. Using the right lighting solutions in the right spaces at the right time can have a substantial impact on staff performance and well-being.

Using Healthwerx products with improved color spectrum, high color rendering, glare-free illumination, and precision control can increase staff satisfaction significantly. 


• Human centric lighting design
• Comprehensive control approach
• Glare-free luminaires

Lighting for Psychological Comfort

A design strategy with proven success is to use lighting as an element that can ease the mind. Luminaires using Chromawerx technologies utilize color changing solutions that shift the light source's correlated color temperature (CCT) from cooler to warmer colors and vice versa. This can improve the psychological comfort of patients and visitors.

All Healthwerx products offer our Chromawerx solutions with the possibility of custom color range confirgurations. 


• Chromawerx: Sola or Duo

The positive effects

  • General stress relief
  • Patients' temporal orientation of night and day can remain accurate
  • Softened waiting experience

Biological electric lighting replicates circadian effects of the sun in the indoor environment when needed. This type of LED lighting uses the color and intensity of light to regulate the timing of our internal biological clocks or circadian rhythms. 

Lighting for Biological Benefits

Our circadian rhythms are especially sensitive to the color cyan, which stimulates our internal clock. We need increased exposure to or a peak of the cyan light during the day, but at night, 
we need to remove the cyan to enable good quality sleep.

Healthwerx luminaires include technologies that cover the specific lighting spectrums able to emit that healthy cyan light and more. Bios and Full Spectrum technologies allow for reaching these biologically beneficial spectrums.


• Bios LED
• Full Spectrum LED


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